Out Of Hours

Out-of-hours services are provided by NHS Barking & Dagenham 0845 075 0495.

HUB - 020 3770 1888

This is a service provided by the local GPs for appointments after 6.30 Mon - Fri (patients need to call after 2pm) when all availability has gone at the surgery.

Patients can also call this number at 9am on Saturday & Sunday for urgent appointments.


These will be dealt with as soon as possible at all times.

During the day 8.00am - 6.30pm Please Ring: 020 8592 1544

Between 6.30pm - 8.00am during weekdays, weekends and Public Holidays please phone: 0845 075 0495

In life-threatening emergencies such as severe bleeding, collapse, difficulty in breathing, unconsciousness, stroke and severe chest pains, telephone 999 immediately.

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